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Policy, Procedures and Code of Conduct

Policy and Procedures

1. Troop meetings are held every Monday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the St. John's Parrish House during the months of September through May. The Troop generally does not meet on school holidays or during the summer. Scouts are expected to attend troop meetings in Class "A" uniforms (see below) and bring their Boy Scout Handbook, pencil and paper.

2. The Troop will follow the Troop 264 Code of Conduct which were adopted by the Patrol Leader's Council. The Scout Oath and Laws are the principles by which we will judge behavior.

3. The Troop recharters every April 1st. Failure to pay fees before the Troop recharters will require that the Scout or adult re-register with the Boy Scouts of America. A current registration is required for participation in all Boy Scout activities.

4. Advancement for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class may be signed off by Scouts who are First Class or above, the Scoutmaster, or Assistant Scoutmasters. It is expected that any sign offs will be completed in accordance with BSA advancement policy. Specifically, the Scout must demonstrate that he has acquired the skill or completed the task exactly as stated in the requirement.

5. Scoutmaster's conferences, for the purpose of advancement, are normally scheduled during the advancement meeting of every month.

6. For the purpose of defining active participation, the following minimum will be applied: "Actively participate in 60% of all Troop sponsored activities each month for the three months immediately preceding the Scoutmaster's conference for the rank advancement desired."

7. Boards of Review are normally scheduled for the advancement meeting of every month. The Scoutmaster is responsible for informing the Troop Committee about pending boards of review based upon completion of Scoutmaster's Conferences.

8. Courts of honor are scheduled 3 times per year, generally February, June and September.. Special Eagle Courts of Honor are scheduled separately.

9. Class "A" uniforms should be worn at all troop meetings. This uniform includes the BSA khaki shirt with properly positioned patches (see Scout Handbook for positions of patches)and BSA shorts with belt and official BSA stockings or BSA trousers with BSA stockings. At Boards of Review and Courts of Honor, the blue troop neckerchief with slide and merit badge sash should be worn. It is the policy of the troop to wear class "A" uniform shirts whenever the troop is traveling to or from an activity. The Patrol Leader's Council will decide the specific Class "A" uniform policy to be used at summer camp. Adult Eagle Scouts may wear the Eagle medal at Eagle Courts of Honor. Uniform inspections will be conducted various times during the year. The Patrol Leader's council has decided that enforcement of the uniform policy lies with the patrol leaders.

The class "B" uniform is the same as above except that a BSA or Troop T-shirt is worn in place of the khaki shirt with insignia. Class "B" uniforms are generally worn when the scouts are in camp or participating in activities other than troop meetings, Courts of Honor or travel to or from camping trips.

10. Troop elections will be held during May. Troop Guides will be appointed by the Scoutmaster. Consideration of advancement requirements will be taken into consideration while making the appointments for leadership positions.

11. Order of the Arrow elections will be held during March. These elections will be coordinated by the local Order of the Arrow chapter.

12. The Patrol Leader's Council will meet monthly. The schedule will be flexible to accommodate troop and other conflicting activities. Attendance by the elected leaders is mandatory. Failure to regularly attend will result in not receiving credit for the leadership position held.

13. Following election, all members of the newly elected Patrol Leader's Council and appointed junior leaders will be required to attend troop Junior Leader Training.

14. The troop will conduct a Troop Operations Workshop (TOW) every year. The TOW will plan activities for one year with the exception of summer camp.

15. On campouts, the troop furnishes two man or four man tents. No cots are allowed because they damage the floors of the tents. Each Scout will accept responsibility for care of Troop equipment and is expected to repair or replace damaged troop equipment.

16. Scouts that sign-up for an activity are expected to participate, excepting illness or family emergency.

17. No outing or activity will be considered without proper adult participation planned at least one week in advance.

Code of Conduct

18. The guiding principles of Troop 264 are contained in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. It is expected that every Scout will strive to follow these guidelines at all times.

19. All Scouts and adults will comply with the Boy Scouts of America rules and regulations as set forth in the "Guide to Safe Scouting" as well as in other publications. Most of all, all Scouts and adults are expected to exercise good judgment and common sense.

20. Each Scout is expected to behave in a manner such that he will help advance the programs of Troop 264. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Scouts are entitled to a program which is free of such behavior.

21. The Patrol Leader's Council, the Scoutmaster, and the Assistant Scoutmasters will enforce the general rules of conduct. At their discretion, each infraction will be handled in an appropriate manner. The following general guidelines shall apply:

Troop Membership Agreement (1997)

To join or re-enroll with Troop 264, a Scout's Parent(s) or Guardian(s) agree to the following:

Parent or Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________

To join or re-enroll with Troop 264, a Scout agrees to the following:

Scout Signature: _________________________________

To enroll or re-enroll with Troop 264, an adult leader agrees to the following:

Adult Leader Signature: ________________________________