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1996 - 1997 Events

January 27, 1996 - Trip to Washington

The theme for the month was Space Exploration and members of the troop visited Washington D.C. The weather was mild and the group got caught in the rain only once. The Capitol, National Archives, Aquarium, and Air & Space Museum were awesome. But watch out for those potholes on Route 50!

February 4, 1996 - Court of Honor

The banquet and Court of Honor which followed the Scout Sunday church service seemed to be enjoyed by all attending. Eight Scouts and their families joined in the ceremonies. Mike Davies shared his slides of trips in Philmont.

February 24-25, 1996

Wintering camping and cooking were the themes for this event. The troop nearly blew away from their Scoutland campsite. The weekend gave Scouts a chance to try out individual menus. Second year Webelos joined in the troop activity. The short orienteering exercise was fun for those who didn't get lost.

March 9, 1996 - Skiing at Shawnee

Members of the troop attended the event with all enjoying the snow, sun, skiing, and fellowship.

March 30-31, 1996 - Appalachian Trail

The high adventure on the AT was a great success. Scouts and leaders traveled from Route 183 to Route 645 with a campout in the middle. Everyone agreed that less rocks would be nice. While camping, the Scouts enjoyed viewing the comet and playing football.

March 31, 1996 - Rechartering

Troop rechartering was completed this month. A total of 16 second year Webelos and 2 new boys joined the troop. Now the troop total is 30! Guiding and supporting them are a Scoutmaster and 10 Assistant Scoutmasters as well as other parents who will serve as committee members. All is well!

April 27, 1996 - French Creek

This month's theme was fishing but the outing at French Creek produced no fish! Other activities included frisbee golf, football, cooking, and just messing around. Twenty six Scouts took part in the event. Some of the younger Scouts played capture the flag with Webelos Scouts from another pack.

May 18, 1996 - Conservation Project

Seven Scouts participated in the Wyomissing Creek Conservation Project. They were Tyler Donahue, Jake Jeffries, Joe Tran, Ryan Mowery, . Ken Pick, Scoutmaster lead the event. The weather was perfect and all enjoyed wading in the creek while photographing, water testing, sketching, and clearing debris.

May 24, 1996 - Reading Phillies

Thanks to Ronald Bush and Carpenter Technology, the troop received free tickets to a Reading Phillies baseball game which followed the month's theme of Sports. All those who attended thought the game was exciting with lots of hitting. Most left before the end of the 13 inning game.