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Joining Troop 264


For Boys and their Parents

Dues and Fees

Membership Agreement

Code of Conduct

For Boys and their Parents

We are pleased that you are considering joining Boy Scout Troop 264. It is our hope that you will find your Scouting experience with our Troop a rewarding and most of all fun experience in which to continue or begin your Scouting experience.

We have an active camping program, attempting to camp one weekend out of each month and to schedule as many varied camping locations and experiences as possible throughout the year. There will be backpacking campouts and full gear campouts. We try to have at least one and sometimes two family campouts during the year, when your whole family is invited and encouraged to join us for a weekend out of doors.

We are working toward our goal of Troop meetings planned by and for the Scouts, not adult leaders. This is your Troop and your responsibility to run it as you feel will allow all of you to meet and exceed the scouting ideals. A Patrol Leader's Council made up of Scouts takes the lead in planning and executing our Troop program.

It is our hope that your parents will join our troop! We have a variety of areas in which we need and would appreciate their participation. We have a Troop Committee made up of parents and other adults that meets monthly to discuss and finalize plans for scouting events, campouts, facilitate transportation and fundraising necessary to help our troop go and support the plans made by the Patrol Leader's Council. All parents are invited to join the Troop Committee. We encourage parents to consider a leadership role in which they can best use their talents and skills (i.e., Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising, Advancement, Activities Chairs, Transportation, Merit Badge Counselors...). We have found that in most cases the Scouts who have parents who take an active role in the Troop's leadership are the Scouts who make a strong commitment to and get the most of of their Scouting experience.

Troop Dues and Fees

B,S.A. Registration:           $ 7.00
Boy's Life Subscription:              7.80
Troop Dues:                          20.20
Total fees for Year                 $35.00

If a Scout is transferring from another Boy Scout Unit, a $1.00 transfer fee will suffice until our unit recharters.

Please note all scouts who pay these fees the first year and retain an up to date and current status with regularly paid

Troop Membership Agreement (1997-1998)

To join or re-enroll in Troop 264, a Scout's Parent(s) or Guardian(s) agree to the following:

The Troop Membership Agreement was developed by consensus of the Troop Committee

Troop Code of Conduct (1997-1998)

To join or re-enroll in Troop #264, a Scout agrees to the following:

The Troop Code of Conduct was developed by consensus of the Patrol Leader's Council.

Last updated: August 27, 1997